Year-End Updates

June 23, 2014


Every year we have changes on staff, but this year there are many staff that we will be saying goodbye to.  We wish the following staff all the best next year at their new schools or in the prusuit of other exciting opportunities:

Mrs. Mackechnie – moving to Courtland

Mlle Stanca – moving to Suddaby

Mrs. Govanis – moving to Northlake Woods

Mrs. Jaberian – going on Maternity Leave

Mrs. Johnston – going on Maternity Leave

There are also several staff members that were at Brigadoon in term positions that we wish the best to in securing a postion in the WRDSB next year: Mr. Tjart (CYW), Miss Bender (LTO teacher) and Mrs. Hillis (Secretary).

Finally, we wish Mr. Dykeman and Mrs. Groulx all the best in their retirement!  They have left their mark at Brigadoon and on the hundreds of students that they have taught over the years!  You will be missed and we hope that you take some time for yourself and enjoy every minute of your retirement.

We would also like to welcome the following new staff members to Brigadoon next year:

Mrs. Jennifer Barnes  JK/SK – from Northlake Woods

Mrs. Kara Clarke JK/SK – from King Edward

Mrs. Kristin Henderson JK/SK – from Driftwood Park

We also have 5 new Early Childhood Educators working in our FDK (JK/SK) classes – Krista Haack (Rockway), Raizee Crape (WTT), Lisa Cahill (Cedarbrae), Kim Sugrim (LBP), and Kate Grima (JFC).

We  have two new E.A’s working in our FDK classrooms : Jennifer Engle (Smithson) and Lori Artinger (Grand River).

We have been allocated a half time Vice Principal for next year.  We would like to welcome Sherri Davidson (JW Gerth) to Brigadoon.  Sherri will be working both at Brigadoon and at Jean Steckle.

We look forward to an exciting year next year and are optomistic that our four room addition and our FDK renovation will be done for the first day of school.  I will post updates on the website if there are any changes that happen.  Class Lists will be posted on Friday, August 29th at 3:30.  Careful consideration has been made in determining these lists.

Our plan for the first day, September 2nd, is to meet students outside on the tarmac at the beginning of the day (hopefully the weather will cooperate this year!).  Our new start time will be 9:25 and we will end our day at 3:45.  Teachers will be holding signs with their names. We look forward to seeing you in September!  Have a great summer.

June Updates

May 26, 2014

Staff Appreciation Lunch – Thank you so much to all of the families for the amazing food last Friday!  The staff thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful lunch.

Addtition/Renovation – Construction is in full swing at Brigadoon.  We are hoping for good weather in June so that the project will be completed by the first day in September.  Our Kindergarten renovation will begin on July 2nd.

Volunteer Breakfast – Our Volunteer Breakfast is scheduled for June 5th.  We hope to see you there!

P.D. Day – Friday, May 30th is a P.D. Day for Assessment and Evaluation purposes.

Greening – Our Greening Fundraiser was successful!  Thanks to Mrs. VanSchaik for coordinating this for Brigadoon.  We were able to raise $1 300 to put towards our greening project next year.  Thanks for your support!

Important Dates

May 26th – School Council

May 29th – Jr. Track @ Doon

May 29th – Spring Fair @ Doon

May 30th – P.D. Day

June 2-4 -Gr. 6 EQAO

June 4th  - Gr. 6 BBQ @ Doon

June 5th – Volunteer Breakfast

June 13th – Jr. County Track and Field

June 17th – Gr. 6 Doon Open House

June 19th – Spring Music Performance (Barnyard Bash)

June 24th – Variety Show

June 25th – Gr. 6 Graduation

June 26th – Last day of school

The Waterloo Region District School Board is going online!

May 21, 2014

WRDSB Communication Survey for Parents/Guardians

In order to help us better understand our parent/guardian preferences for receiving information, an on-line survey has been created to gather input on ways to improve communication, streamline processes and reduce the use of paper within school communities. This initiative is in alignment with the continued work of engagement and communication within the Waterloo Region District School Board.

This survey can be accessed through a link called “Communication Survey for Parents” found on the Waterloo Region District School Board website at: and on the school’s website at: (please insert school website address).

The survey will open on May 15th and will close on June 5th.

All parents/guardians of Waterloo Region District School Board students are requested to complete this short survey at their earliest convenience. Responses to the surveys are anonymous and confidential.

Thank you for helping us understand your preferences for receiving information.


March 27, 2014

Our staffing for next year is dependent on an accurate count of expected students.  If you know your family is moving to a new school next year and not attending Brigadoon, please let Mrs. Head in the office know as soon as possible.  If new families are expected in your neighbourhood, please invite them to register, even if their children will not attend until September.  Thank you!