WRDSB Multilingual Language Learners (MLL) headed to camp to celebrate the end of the school year. Over three days, 150 Grade 5 and 6 students from 41 WRDSB schools attended Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp.

The MLL Camp has been a yearly tradition that helps newcomer students learn life skills like teamwork, communication, and resiliency. It also allows students in English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Literacy Development (ELD) programs to connect and find community through shared experiences.

In celebration of these students’ continued learning, we asked that they share their camp experience with us. Below, you’ll find students’ reflections on their time at camp in English and their home languages. WRDSB has provided translations for some of these.

By Suri, a student at Cedarbrae PS

I went to a camp with other kids who were new to Canada. I played games like climbing, archery, nine squares, gaga ball, low ropes, and whale watch at camp. Whale watch is like a big piece of wood, and we had to make it stable. 11 people were trying to work together.

My favourite thing about camp was the climbing walls. You could go very high; if you fell, you would not fall because there were people taking care of you.

I liked the camp because you could talk with people from different countries, and I also liked the food a lot. It was a very fun day and amazing.

In Suri’s Home Language – Spanish

Fui a un campamento con otros niños que son nuevos para Canadá. En el campamento jugué juegos como escalar, tiro al arco, 9 cuadrados, gaga ball, cuerdas bajas y ver ballenas. Ver ballenas era como una pieza grande de madera que teníamos que hacerla estable. Había 11 personas que estaban intentando cooperar en equipo para hacerla estable.

Lo que más me gustó fue escalar la pared porque podías llegar muy alto y si te caías no pasaba nada porque había compañeros que te estaban cuidando.

Me gusto el campamento porque tú podías hablar con personas que son de otros países y que hablan otros idiomas y también me gusto mucho la comida que nos dieron (era muy rica). Fue un día muy divertido y asombroso.

By Khlaiq, a student at Brigadoon PS

I made so many friends. I love this camp. We learned archery and more. Archery was the most fun thing. I didn’t hit the target, but it was fun. I went two times. We also had hamburgers and some chips. I made some friends at my last school in MLL, and they came to the camp!

By Shervin, a student at Pioneer Park

We are with Mr. Nathan, and it is a good time. After we go to eat lunch, MLL camp lunch is better than McDonald’s because the burger has onion, pickle, and cucumber. For dessert, we eat cookies and chips. After lunch, we get to play, and after that, we go to rock climb.

By Silvi, a student at Brigadoon PS

I really liked archery. I tried to hit the yellow box, but I wasn’t even close because it was my first time doing it. But I was really impressed that I did it! For the pond study, I didn’t really like it because it was a little bit dirty, but it was really cool to see frogs, wild animals, and water grass. I really liked rock climbing, and even though I didn’t ring the bell, I still had so much fun.

By Rana, a student at Pioneer Park PS

When we got to camp, we first started by bringing some fish to put in the box filled with water so they could survive. We then went to find some bugs and put them in a little cup. We closed any bugs we found and examined them on the chart. Then we had a break until play time so we could drink water. Then we would go get a burger, eat it, and start playing and activities again!

In Rana’s Home Language – Arabic

_____عندما ارتدينا في المخيم بدأنا أولاً بإحضار بعض الأسماك حتى نتمكن من وضعها في الصندوق المملوء بالماء حت تتمكن من البقاء على قيد الحياة. بعد ذلك ذهبنا للعثور على بعض الأخطاء ووضعها في كوب صغير وأغلقنا أي أخطاء وجدناها، وسنقوم بفحصها على الرسم البياني. بعد ذلك حصلنا على وقت راحة حتى وقت اللعب حتى نتمكن من شرب الماء ثم نذهب لتناول البرجر ثم نأكله ونبدأ في اللعب لوقت اللعب

By Summer, a student at Brigadoon PS

On June 12, we went on a wild trip together. The scenery was beautiful, and the lights were strangely coloured. We went to Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp and Retreat Center. It’s about 10 km from here – more than 40 minutes! The camp started at 10:00 a.m. and lasted until a little after 5:00 p.m.

Many activities were available for us, such as rock climbing, gaga ball, nine squares, archery, pond study, and low ropes. At the end of camp, we sang and danced together. It was a really happy day.

In Summer’s Home Language – Chinese (Simplified)

星期三,也是六月十二号。 我们去了一起野外旅行,那里风景美丽, 奇光异
彩。我们去了 Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp and Retreat Center. 那里离这里要
加了很多项目。 有攀岩,有gaga ball, 和 nine sqaures,射箭,池塘研究,low
ropes 等。。。最后还有一起边唱边舞。那一天真得很快乐。接下来的几页里面,

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