Our School

Brigadoon is a Kindergarten to Grade 6, dual-stream (English Core & French Immersion) school with approximately  570 students.  The school opened in 1992 and is located at 415 Caryndale Drive, in the Doon area. There is a YMCA daycare facility attached to the school.

Our school motto in our opening year was “Building Bridges to the Future”. We believe that the learning process is enhanced if it occurs in a climate in which the learner feels secure. As a school we emphasize nurturing the child, while preparing for the future.  While still relevant, our additional emphasis is on the value of partnerships with families, community, and school working together to support and nurture the learning and wellbeing of our children.  Brigadoon’s motto, moving forward from our aniversary year, reads:  “We are Better Together”.

Our Students

Our students are wonderful! We have an inclusive environment and truly practice, “There is always room for one more” at work and play. Our students move on to Doon Public School for grades 7 and 8, and secondary school at Huron Heights Secondary School.

Our Staff

Our staff are dedicated professionals who are proud of Brigadoon, the programs they deliver, the students they teach and their families. All are committed to giving your child a sound foundation for learning and for fostering a healthy wellbeing.

We believe in a strong partnership with parents and the community as we strive to build solid academic foundations and well-rounded young people. Within this framework, our intent is to recognize the growth and development of the whole child (intellectual, physical and emotional). Successful learning involves the child, teacher, parent and community. Skills, values and attitudes focus on problem solving, coping with change, adapting to a world of rapidly expanding knowledge and technology and co-operative living.

Parents and Community

Our school council meets regularly on the 2nd Wednesday evening of each month. Currently, there are hybrid attendance options, both face-to-face and via virtual links.

We have a tremendous partnership with the YMCA Childcare Centre at Brigadoon.  Together, we support our children before, during and after school.