Our School

Brigadoon is a junior school with approximately 520 students, ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. The school opened in 1992 and is located at 415 Caryndale Drive, in the Doon area. There is a YMCA daycare facility attached to the school.

Our school motto is “Building Bridges to the Future”. We believe that the learning process is enhanced if it occurs in a climate in which the learner feels secure. As a school we emphasize nurturing the child, while preparing for the future.

Our Students

Our students are wonderful! We have an inclusive environment and truly practice, “There is always room for one more” at work and play. Our students move on to Doon Public School for grades 7 and 8, and secondary school at Huron Heights Secondary School.

Our Staff

Our staff are dedicated professionals who are proud of Brigadoon, the programs they deliver, the students they teach and their families. All are committed to giving your child a sound foundation for learning.

We believe in a strong partnership with parents and the community as we strive to build solid academic foundations and well-rounded young people. Within this framework, our intent is to recognize the growth and development of the whole child (intellectual, physical and emotional). Successful learning involves the child, teacher, parent and community. Skills, values and attitudes focus on problem solving, coping with change, adapting to a world of rapidly expanding knowledge and technology and co-operative living.

Parents and Community

Our school council meets about eight times each year. Generally we set a particular evening aside (for example, the fourth Wednesday of each month) early in September. This helps parents plan to attend school council and makes our meeting times regular and predictable. The school council has been involved in many different things over the years, including fun fairs, special events, and various education related political issues. Our council is very supportive of the staff, the administration and the Board of Education.

We have well over 100 parent and community volunteers in our school. This involvement of the parent community in the daily life of Brigadoon is one of its greatest strengths. Parents regularly volunteer in classrooms, on trips, helping in the office, reading with small groups of children, helping in the Peace Garden and, in general, are a critical component to each and every school day.

Academic Programs

Our school offers programs in English, with Core French, as well as a partial French Immersion program in grades 1-6. Our staff embraces current educational research, offering strong academic programming.

Special Education Programs

We currently have two special education teachers, and two education assistants, all of whom work together with the staff to provide excellent programming opportunities for every student in our school. We share an English-as-a-Second Language teacher with two other schools, to assist the cultural and linguistic needs of students from other countries.

Safe Schools Initiatives

Our students know and live the phrase, “Respect for ourselves, others and the environment”. It is from this phrase that we have developed our student code of conduct. A detailed outline of our expectations for student conduct is provided to every family. Not only do we focus on academics but we teach students about being good citizens focussing on respect, positive attitudes and values.

School safety is always one of our school goals and is placed as a high priority at Brigadoon.

Classroom Organization

Brigadoon currently has approximately 515 students. We have five sections of Junior and Senior Kindergarten, thirteen primary classes and seven junior classes. This year six of those classes are French Immersion classes.

Facilities and Resources

Brigadoon is a beautiful facility, with bright, clean hallways, and attractive decorations. We proudly display student work both in the hallways and in the classrooms. Our Resource Centre is a spacious room with large picture windows looking out over the schoolyard terrain. We have a double gym, which provides us with the opportunity for students to have regular physical activity.

Clubs and Activities

  • Clubs change year to year. Some offered this year were the Green Club which takes responsibility for composting and care of our wonderful Peace Garden, Running Club, Blue Spruce and Silver Birch Reading Clubs. Brigadoon also involves our junior students in a Track and Field day, with selected athletes taking part in area Track and Field Meets.
  • A number of choir experiences take place at a number of points during the year. They are used for celebration in concerts and assemblies throughout the year. As well, Brigadoon takes part in the Kodály Choral Festival which offers junior students a music enrichment opportunity. School musicals take place some years for either primary or junior students.
  • Students take part in special activity days such as Carnival in winter and playday in spring. Spirit Days are held each month. Community outreach and citizenship is a focus with our students taking part in Jump Rope for Heart and M.S. Read-a-thon in alternate years. All classes take part in class field trips which add experience to academic expectations. Grade 5 Camp is a highlight. All activities are subsidized by fundraising initiatives supported by our community. Brigadoon also shares with the community in food drives, the Angel Tree, Christmas Miracle Food Hamper, Terry Fox Run among others.
  • There are many opportunities for our junior students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. Our Safety Patrollers assist on the school buses and with crossing traffic areas. Many students help younger students during nutrition breaks. Kindergarten helpers assist during both nutrition breaks and outdoor breaks. As well we have door monitors, students who deliver milk and attendance folders and office helpers!

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Brigadoon staff members work in teams to provide the best in academic planning and assessment for all students. Expectations are high that all students strive to do their best at all times. Our students achieve very good results in the EQAO testing. Results are above the Board average in all areas.

School Success Plans and Initiatives

Brigadoon uses data from a number of sources such as provincial report cards, CASI, Reading Records and EQAO testing to set goals each year. Our Learning Goal this year is that students will improve their ability in mathematics. We are working as a professional learning community to develop an inquiry-based approach to learning. Collaborative planning and assessing take place throughout the year to provide consistency and a focused approach to learning.